PCT preparations

Preparing for PCT

Seasons of nature reflect the cycles of life. As spring approaches with its awakening of new life my world is shifting while I prepare for the six month thru hike. Today, I received my PCTA permit approval for 26 April, 2015 to begin the 2,700 mile north bound journey through the wilderness from Mexico to Canada. It's about time to start preparing.

PCT preparations checklist:

  • Gear procurement
  • Resupply strategy
  • Personal & professional arrangements

A PCT thru hiker veteran that works at the local REI told me that hiking the PCT is doable for just about anyone. I trust my few decades of life experience have prepared me for what lays ahead. I've undergone physical, mental, and emotional extremes through near a decade of survival training, war, and chaos as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I've also been blessed with extraordinary relationships encouraging my spiritual transformation and ability to be silent and centered within myself. I grew up hiking, camping, and backpacking with my family before I could carry a pack. Now I have the opportunity to grab a pack, fill it with gear and hit the trail on my own.