Biomimicry social innovation workshop 2015

Biomimicry social innovation class of 2015: [top row, left to right] Gloria Rivera, Adelheid Fisher, Christine Lintott, Astrid DesLandes, Bowine Wijffels, Viviana Otálvaro, Lory Antonucci, Nadine Gudz, Kathleen KirkpatrickDaniel Lawse, Yeshua Adonai, Ian Chisholm, Segio Morgan; [middle row, left to right} Marilyn Cornelius, Anjan Prakash, Katherine Collins, Norm Borin, Theresa Southam, Margot Smit, Toby Herzlich, Victoria Keziah, Anne-Marie Daniel, Richard Charter; [bottom row] Safi Marroun, Claudia I. Rivera Cardenas, Emily Sadigh, Sarah Reece, Dr. Dayna Baumeister.

This last week I had the honor to participate in the first Biomimicry Social Innovation workshop co-hosted by Dr. Dayna Baumeister, Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founder and Toby Herzlich, Biomimicry for Social Innovation Founder. The workshop took place at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center (OAEC) where we were so gracefully hosted by permaculture designer Brock Dolman Co-Founder of OAEC and were I met some of the most brilliant heart-centered professionals I've ever met who are devoted to creating a regenerative world. This week our group of 26 innovators led by Dayna and Toby, we catalyzed the emerging field of biomimicry for social innovation. We applied design lessons from nature exploring how to foster resilient organizations using nature as mentor, explored biomimetic applications for organizational development, ideated the new framework and future of the new field, and explored and tested the biomimicry design thinking process.

I can think of no better way to dive into nature's genius. I'm passionately inspired to continue my journey learning from our natural world to solve our social problems. Thank you to all that participated this week opening my eyes to see, mind to learn, and heart to expand. I'm deeply grateful for the experience, I look forward to continue pioneering the field of biomimicry social innovation together.

OAEC pavilion session

OAEC guided tour with permaculture designer Brock Dolman

Biomimicry lecture with biologist Dr. Dayna Baumeister, Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founder

Studying how organizations can learn from 2,500 year old trees in the Redwood grove