A call from nature

I listen, I hear. My Heart calls me to be present during this journey of solitude, reflection, and expansion. The autodidactic inside yearns to uncover the mysteries of the universe. Of all the varied opportunities I've had, none is more important than my inner journey.

We see what we want to see. As I've tuned to patterns, I am open to perceive a new dimension of the patterns that surround us; I see with new eyes, patterns are EVERYWHERE. Our world is made up of these discernible regularities. Observing the predictable and repeatable cycles provides a higher level of wonder and understanding.

As I've hiked 570+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border through the desert, I've learned to be more attuned with my environment. I've provided the space to listen, feel, and allow a higher intelligence to work through me. Living in the desert for over 40 days and nights has turned down the static of society to hear the stillness beyond the noise. Surrendering to a force beyond the self has been humbling and freeing. I'm learning to be more vulnerable, transparent, and authentic.

I intentionally surrendered to nature asking her to work through me during this journey. I asked her, 'What can I do to become apart of nature?'. I received a clear and audible answer to get on my knees and eat a handful of soil; to intentionally invite the particles to become part of my body. Initially I resisted, feeling sick by the idea, but I obeyed the voice commanding me. When I did so, I felt a powerful force move through my entire body, connecting me to the land and all the species upon it in an extraordinary way. I surrendered and opened to a deeper connection of that I'm eternally grateful. My body, mind, and spirit feel more connected in an ineffable way.

Some time later while hiking through the wilderness with a clear mind, an appreciation for life was thrust upon me. I had a tidal wave of emotion flow through me, causing me to sob. I fell to my knees and hands once again. This time I did not ask or intend for the experience. It appeared, nature was doing her work. I felt an overwhelming desire to release all fear within and become love. I experienced something pass through me, taking pieces of me with it and departing into the soil below my hands. This profound experience left me changed.

I do not know exactly how to process or define my experience. I believe somethings are not to be understood but felt. I feel a deeper connection with life. I feel a powerful love and solidity within. I feel safe, complete, and free. Nature helped release old outdated patterns and invited in new patterns in my life.

If biomimicry is the mimicking of biology and we are nature, what can we learn from the human psych that will unlock new patterns of behavioral change?

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.
— Albert Einstein

Angeles National forest, California

Agua Dulce, California

Acton, California