Adapt to changing conditions

Pacific Crest Trail Southern Terminus, Mexico border [day 1]

As I've hiked the last week over 150 miles of the PCT, I'm quickly learning to adapt to my new environment. Survival has a new meaning. Living in the outdoors reminds me of our basic needs and what it means to be human. While living in urban society, I took for granted resource availability such as food/water/energy, shelter, transportation, and waste collection. Living in the back country wilderness is like taking a time portal to our ancestors’ world where the definition of success was not the same. I’m learning that to remain successful at survival requires vigilant scanning of my environment and a constant renewal of my awareness of its conditions. To survive in the desert, I’ve learned to quickly observe the other species and the challenges we share; lack of water and extremes in temperature. Often I’m traveling 20-35 miles through the severe heat and freeze of the desert without an available water source.

Adapting to and living with the extremes of nature fosters an ineffable irrefutable bond. The more I disconnect, the more I feel connected. It's beautiful how this reconnection with nature generates an innate adaptive response to be attentively tuned and responsive to the variations of the changes that surrounds me. It's interesting how our interdependence and interconnection with all life becomes clear the closer we experience life. Surrender to nature's majestic power is expanding my perception, opening my eyes and connecting my heart to a larger design. Through reflection, I'm discovering new ways to modify my behavior to be more in alignment with my environment.

Adapt to changing conditions.

  • do more; with less (live with bare essentials, 20 lbs base weight)
  • mindful resource use (carry 2-8L water & 3-6 days food)
  • zero waste (leave no trace)
  • optimize movement (afternoon siesta, travel early morning/evening)
  • conserve energy (wear protective clothing, layers, dampen to cool)


Adaption is not an option; it's a choice for survival, or not. If change is inevitable, self-renewal provides space to not only survive but potentially thrive. Quality of life and our ultimate success as a species is dependent upon our capacity to adjust to life's changing conditions. Adjusting my behavior to be more attuned and in alignment with my environment has greatly increased the experience of the journey.


  1. How does nature adapt to changing conditions?
  2. How can I further adapt to my environment and open to a deeper awareness of the larger design that surrounds me?
  3. How will my world look, as I better adapt to life's changing conditions?

Art project

Artists create art inspired by biomimicry life principle, adapt to changing conditions or use below photos capturing nature's beauty.

Mount Laguna, California

Warner Springs, California

Anza-borrego Desert State Park, California