Natural growth in nature

Growth is natural to life. Evolution in nature is a manifestation of natural processes. The same systems that direct the expansion of the universe are an innate part of all life.  Our attempt as a species to forfeit our citizenship as Earthlings is inevitably fleeting. We are as much part of nature as the other species upon our shared home, planet Earth. We must evolve to survive or perish. To succeed as humanity and continue life on planet Earth we must learn to do more of what works and less of what does not work.

Living in nature the last three months, hiking 1,300 miles has provided a new found appreciation and awareness of life. As I continue to integrate my mind and heart with the wild adventure that surrounds me, I’m becoming more alive. Looking deeply I see that everything is interconnected and interrelated. I’m finding that reconnecting the human/nature relationship is a fundamental element to heal ourselves (nature). I confirm that living in nature is a natural model to experience our connection. How can we establish systems that foster this renewal?