Pattern Seeker

Exploring biomimicry on the Pacific Crest Trail


Hello, nice to meet you.

I'm Yeshua Adonai, trail name: Pattern Seeker. April to October 2015, I embark on a six month hike across the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), 2,700 miles from Mexico to Canada. Pattern Seeker symbolizes the purpose of my journey to experience, identify, and understand natures patterns. 

Studying biomimicry in the wilderness will further expand my tools to create Systemic Innovation™ within society. My intention is to integrate biomimicry within my life's work as a social entrepreneur, creating healthy human systems. I'm devoted to learn and share nature's secrets. Join the journey, follow my blog.


Pattern exploration.

Learning nature's patterns is to uncover the blueprint of life. Exploring order in nature's beauty we discover a vast interrelated and interconnected Universe. Observing natural patterns help us perceive life from a new vantage point, understanding why systems function and how they operate. Soon we begin to master pattern recognition, seeing patterns as footprints of processes unfolding. Our natural world is our most ancient teacher, a self regulating system, providing a template for humanity to mimic.

To understand is to perceive patterns.
— Isaiah Berlin

Support sustainability.

I'd appreciate your consideration to support my field research study exploring biomimicry. Financial contributions support my six-month voyage expenses. My post journey summary of discoveries will be available to the public in a book about how we can learn from nature's regenerative patterns. A small investment can go a long way, I'd appreciate $27 to support the journey ($.01 for every mile on the trail).

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